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Hey everyone! If you remember last December, WordPress Discover featured this blog for it’s quality content, pictures and it’s rarity. As a follow up, they wanted to interview me about why I thought there are so few fashion bloggers over 40 who are not thin. My answer may surprise you.

You can read it here.

And I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. I was just talking about this to Sherry of Petite over 40, when I went to visit her in Seattle, Julia!
    I’d love it if we could change our perception of beauty —it’s not about being thin! It’s about loving yourself. I mean, look at Sports Illustrated this year—she wasn’t stick thin—finally!!
    But I think it’s hard enough to put yourself out there on the internet even if you are thin. And most women who aren’t super thin don’t feel good about themselves!! But those are the examples we need to show that EVERY woman is beautiful.
    That’s why I love to include other women on my blog and show my mom and stepmom. Both mom & Nancy don’t consider themselves thin—I hear them bad mouth their bodies all the time—but they still look great!!

    1. Yes, I totally agree Jodie! It’s not about thin, because I hear lots of thin women hating their body too. That makes me sad to hear your mom and step-mom still don’t like their bodies. They look beautiful and healthy and their bodies have gotten them through full lives. This is a pretty ingrained feeling, isn’t it? And the thing is, we hoist this feeling onto ourselves. Yes, we’re bombarded all day about how we should look (and we should just try harder) but we need to define our own notion of beauty! Keep doing what you’re doing Jodie!

  2. Julia I love your blog. I was a pear shape in my younger years but since menopause I have become an apple. Your blog is inspiring and I have not read a post that has not inspired me to change how I dress myself. I am 65 and like my peers feel totally left out in the fashion blogs that I have found on the internet and I am never sure what is age appropriate.
    Just want to say that you are doing a wonderful job inspiring us to be the best we can be at any size or any age. I live in London, Ontario, Canada about an hour from the Michigan border. Can you write a blog about retailers in Michigan where you are most successful in finding your cute clothes at a reasonable price?

    1. Yes! Totally Cathy! Thanks for the article idea. So, you probably shop in Port Huron then. Ok, I can do that. Hey, forget about that age-appropriate stuff too. Just wear what you like. Check out or Those women are closer to your age and looking fabulous. But, you’ve got me thinking and maybe I need to do an article on age-appropriate dressing. You’ve been so helpful today!

  3. Thank you Julia for being just as you said, “Be real. Be authentic. Be honest.” I am not an apple shape, but I am drawn to your blog for these three reasons. I find your writing style and advice and your wisdom and confidence refreshing. I love that you are a learner and care so deeply for what you are sharing and the people who need to hear your message. I love your style and despite having a different body shape, I do use your visuals to enhance my own style too. I love your blog, your authentic, honest and real self. Thank you for touching the world with your care.

    1. Oh Rose. You, and people like you, keep me writing. I will always be authentic and real. I think when people are real we can start having real dialogue. Also, if I acted like I knew everything and every outfit was fabulous that would make people feel like they couldn’t do it. Fashion has done that to women too much already. I really want an army of confident, middle-aged women with non-model bodies strutting their stuff and owning their place in the world!

  4. What a fantastic interview — your genuine warmth shines through!

    Today I realized I was avoiding attending an important conference b/c I’d see people I hadn’t seen in 5 years, who likely would not recognize the midlife, apple me. I was actually ashamed to be old. That made me feel so sad! Luckily, your interview perked me up and inspired me.

    1. Oh Bette! I hope you go to that conference with your head held high rockin’ some moto jacket and black tall boots! We get to define old age and mid-life and that can start with how we look. I can tell by your writing you are smart and your comments show you have a sense of style. Girl! Go out and own it! Rule that room! Here is what mid-life looks like and we’re coming full throttle!

  5. I have developed somewhat of an obsession with blog reading since retiring. I tried looking for those geared toward fuller figured women and many seem to be centered on the much younger. I tried looking for the 40-50 something blogs and I agree that many of them seem to be lovely women that are thinner. If I see an outfit that I admire on that kind of blog who knows if it will flatter me or even be in my size. Having said all that, I appreciate you offering options for those of us not in the single digit sizes. My strategy when all else fails is just to buy shoes! My tummy, the “girls” etc may not look how I want, but I still have cute little feet!!

    1. Yes Robin! And shoes can up your style game really quickly. Don’t give up! If I can do it, anyone can! Try on something different when you go to the store just for fun. Maybe it will work. Maybe it will be ridiculous but analyze it either way and you’ll start to figure this out and look fabulous. And not just your cute feet!

  6. Julia, what a wonderful article! Your words are so true and you’re inspiring me to allow my truth to shine as well – to love myself and my body and stop hiding! I’m so thankful for you, Julia, and excited for you, too. You are making such a positive impact and our lives just keep getting better because of it!

      1. Julia, those closest to us are much too close to see the difference we make in other’s lives, especially when their passions lie elsewhere. You just let your head grow because it’s all well-earned!

  7. Congratulations on the interview! You’re real, you’re honest, you’re authentic — and you have a magic belt! 🙂

  8. Julia,,,I stumbled upon you in a Discover Blogpress interview. I am also a blogger over 40 (closer to 60 really) who is young at heart but ‘mature’ in shape. As a fashion designer turned administrative manager and graphic designer/event planner married to a working rock and blues musician I am always looking for awesome outfits that match my youthful mind without embarrassing my older body. I haven’t worked up the courage to post images of myself yet….thanks for posting your own looks and the courage that gives me to do the same.

    1. Kimberli! We sound so similar! I kept looking at my art school classmates thinking I want to look cute too. This frumpy sweatshirt is not me. I’m so glad you found this little corner of the internet and I’ll visit your corner! Wait until you see tomorrow’s outfit. Perfect for the full of life body and mind!

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