Remember These Pants?

Hey everyone! If you’re a long time reader you may remember these pants that were a find in the spring and featured here. I wasn’t sure about wide-legged pants, especially cropped ones. The “advice” seemed to be contradictory with some saying they were flattering and others saying to stay away at all costs. Like all the “advice” we apple-shaped women, or big-busted women receive, it really depends on your actual, individual body. Still liking these wide-legged, cropped pants even in the winter! -

But, back to the pants. I am still liking these pants and still think they look flattering even in the winter with boots. I would have featured them earlier this winter but was trying to find olive-colored or blue tall boots to style them with instead of all-black. No luck. These pants are almost a year old, so not many sizes left, but if you’re interested just look for wide-legged, cropped or ankle-length descriptions.

Still liking these wide-legged, cropped pants even in the winter! -

One of you lovely ladies asked me if I ever go to Kohls to shop. Last Friday I posted an item from their dressing room I would have bought if I *needed* it, however this sweater made it out of the dressing room and came home with me! (plus size option here)

Still liking these wide-legged, cropped pants even in the winter! -

I’m always looking for more pattern and color (though this doesn’t fit the color need) to mix up my basics. This sweater adds some pattern without being too far-out. I like the collar and how it falls down the front. I think it also counts as pattern mixing with stripes and dots!

Still liking these wide-legged, cropped pants even in the winter! -

Now, the “experts” advise against wearing a turtleneck when you have a round face. I agree this is not my most flattering neckline/collar but with the January temperatures I am willing to sacrifice that bit of flattery for warmth! Plus, a turtleneck gives a nice smooth canvas to wear a statement necklace.

And yes, those are snowflakes on my “shelf”. I could have photoshopped them out (or noticed them and brushed them off) but I really try to show the pictures unaltered as much as possible. This is my first Monday post so I now have the opportunity to say… have a wonderful week!

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  1. First Julia—I love the cropped pants in the winter….then we can show off our great boots!!
    As for the turtlenecks…those rules may stem from some facts. But sometimes I think we get too caught up in the whole “flattering” aspect of dressing. Couldn’t it be that looking nice is good enough?

  2. Hi I have just started reading your blog, I think the outfit looks fantastic on you so obviously the trousers suit you. I not really an apple shape (don’t think) but love to see your styling.

  3. ha ha ha you have a Snow Shelf! My ex-husband used to call my wide hip bumps a Cocktail Shelf. And he wonders why he’s the ex 🙂

    I know the “theory” is that cropped pants make legs appear shorter but, I like the way they look anyway! Which is funny cuz I’ve never cared for capri length pants and there’s really only a few inches of difference there, but whatever. I think this length looks nice on you ESPECIALLY with the black boots – I think keeping the color the same keeps the leg line looking as long as possible even with the cropped pants length.

    And I am a turtleneck girl thru and thru. Always have been, even the years they were practically nonexistent other than like Lands End or Eddie Bauer. I still find it to hard to find, as a plus size, a nice thin turtleneck, grr. But I don’t really know why round faces should not wear them – any face can look like a floating head in one 🙂

    Good for you for getting your additional blog in this week!


  4. Oh yeah, great look! Got the column look going on (one color from top to bottom) which elongates the body. Great sweater styled with the stripes running vertically down front. I think cropped pants are making a comeback, or at least wide leg pants so you are on point!! Love your blog!

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