The Other Side Of My Spring Dress!

Hey everyone! On Monday’s post I showed you the solid colored side of my newest spring dress which happens to be reversible (yay!) and today is the patterned side. I love the light colors and the pattern size is perfect. Not too small and not too big!

Spring Dress For Women Over 40! |

The dress is 3/4 sleeve and skims without clinging. When it’s on the solid side I feel you can see too many lumps and bumps, so I will always be wearing something over the top of it, but the patterned side distracts the eye so you don’t notice them as much. Did I mention it’s now 30% off?

Spring Dress For Women Over 40! | whenthegirlsrule.comI’m wearing my long cardigan you saw last week. I love the straight line of the cardigan. It’s so crisp looking but is so soft. Plus, I love the detail of the sleeve. It’s also available in black. The purse is a couple of years old, so no longer available, but I found several cute ones with the same houndstooth fabric that are available.

Spring Dress For Women Over 40! |

I decided to wear lighter gray tights so the outfit is leaning more towards spring than winter. You’ve seen these heels many, many times and they’re still available, not just in the black suede I have, but also black patent and a “victorian rose“.

Spring Dress For Women Over 40! |

As we’re getting closer to the blog’s second birthday (still waiting on your RSVP at!) I’m thinking about where to take the blog for the third year. I’m going to set up a survey here soon (when I can figure out how to do it!) so I can hear from all of you. You’ve heard me say this many times, but I love getting feedback from you, whether it’s comments here or a comment on Instagram or Facebook or Pinterest. I love when you share my posts on social media with your friends and it makes me feel so honored that you’re willing to show others a blog you read. So, sign up for the email notification so you can be sure to receive the survey and thanks for being a part of this supportive community!

See you Friday!

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  1. You go girl. Looks like you are in South Carolina. N0 snow and the pink flowered trees are the promise of spring. The dress is just right. I am the same weight I was 2 years ago but the apple part is getting bigger, all else saggier,is that a word? The looser dresses and tops that have a good color and cut is what I am drawn to. I need to go shopping with you.😄

    1. Ooooh that would be so fun! I love shopping with others but usually they drag their feet and get distracted. I hear you about the middle weight. A lot of it has to do with hormones from peri-menopause and menopause so we all have that fun to contend with! I’m in North Carolina, very close to South Carolina border and it is definitely spring here. I hope you’re considering RSVPing to the blog birthday party Kathryn…..

  2. I’m just so in awe that this dress is reversible. I can truly say that it’s the smartest thing ever!!
    And I totally think the same way about prints vs. solids. I know many women always shy away from prints, yet they are such a great camouflage for those issue we like to hide!!

  3. Great dress! I LOVE anything reversible, dual use, convertible…this could be a terrific travel dress…I don’t need another dress, but this one is a “home run!”

  4. What a clever little dress, very pretty, I think I prefer you in the pattern side as the colour looks good, although I usually go for bright colours the pale is very flattering on you.

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