Soft Cotton for Comfort!

Hey everyone! Today I’m wearing a comfy summer outfit of all cotton and sporting the wider-legged pants that are supposed to be the up-and-coming look for pants. Supposedly the skinny jean look is on it’s way out though I still like mine and may continue wearing them until I am laughed at!


Pants are from JJill here and on sale. Sweater is from Prairie Cotton and has to be purchased through a brick and mortar store, I believe. Here is list of shops from their website.


I am not really a khaki kind of person but I bought this pair because I was looking for something soft and cool to wear in the summer as a change to tighter-legged pants or bare legs. Sometimes you just want a bit more coverage or the air conditioning is too cold for skirts or dresses and bare legs.

wide leg pants for apple shapes

This sweater I bought last summer at a little shop in Harrisville in northern Michigan called Coming Attractions. It’s one of those cute stores that have a mix of jewelry, clothing and bags that you can’t find at bigger stores and seem to focus more on local artists and designers and smaller clothing companies. I love those kind of stores because you can get such unique items. Plus, I’m usually on vacation when I go into a place like that so my vacation-shopping is very different than my regular shopping!

wide leg pants for apple shapes

And besides showing the side view of the outfit, this image shows the fun tile I’m standing on in the shape of the state of Michigan. Each tile represents a county and it even shows the upper peninsula which often gets left out of images of the state. This is at Michigan State University’s gardens, now becoming my favorite place to do these photo shoots.

I do not have any affiliation with any of the brands or stores nor do I receive any compensation. I’m just sharing what I’ve learned.

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  1. I need to get myself to J. Jill and try on pants — seriously! These look great on you. And to my delight, I see they come in Talls (via online ordering).

    You definitely have an eye for design, which I esp note in your first photo — the square shape that is replicated in the pant leg, bag, and heel, offset by the curves of the sweater, which, BTW, is quite flattering.

    Very nice! Feeling inspired!

  2. Hi Julia, I’ve been lurking for a little bit. Ever since I followed the link from the Hourglassy blog. I was so excited to find your site as we are very close in body type. I’m a little shorter (5’0″), a little bustier (36JJ) and a little older (52) and I love seeing the fashions you’ve put together! I have a very tough shape to dress also, inverted triangle turning into more of an apple as my waist starts to disappear, lol. And you’ve inspired me.

    I’ve seen those pants at JJill online and was very intrigued. I usually need a 12P/14P and even though the pants don’t seem too wide legged on the model, once you get into my size the “wideness” is sometimes so exaggerated that I feel like I’m wearing clown pants. I see that the wideness of the leg does not look too wide at all on you. This gives me hope. I have a question about the waist, if you don’t mind. I notice in the description JJill states they are 97 cotton/3 lycra. Does this hold true for the waistband? I HATE pants that offer stretch in the hips/legs but the waistband is stiff and non-giving. I need that bit of stretch (or more than a bit, lol).

    I love the color combo of this outfit. It’s so summery looking and isn’t shorts and a tank top!

    1. Hey Karen, thanks for commenting! I love lurkers too though I don’t think of them as lurkers just someone who doesn’t feel comfortable enough or compelled enough to comment at the moment. I’m ok with that! The waistband is stiff and non-giving so it is a bit tight and gives me the dreaded waistband look. However, I find them so soft and comfortable I just make sure I wear a layer over them that doesn’t show the waist indentation. I definitely don’t prefer a waistband like this but as you know our shape puts up with that a lot! Hope that helps!

      1. Thank you Julia, it helps a lot! It tells me I should go with the 14P! You are right that we have to work around a lot with our shape. If the waist fits, the butt and legs are huge. If it fits nicely at the rear and on the legs, you can bet there’s a cavernous gap between the button and buttonhole at the waist! I’ve seen waistband expanders (buttons and clips) on Amazon and am tempted to try them out!

        1. Karen — I’m not suggesting we do this and in fact, I can’t bring myself to even overtly try it. But I’ve seen multiple blog posts where women with apple shapes recommending wearing maternity pants (under tunic tops and long sweaters). I did try a pair, discreetly, at a large department store where I could be anonymous. And I found that, while I wear a 16 in women’s pants, I could wear a 12 in maternity jeans. That just goes to show the discrepancy in “standard” body type — regular pants will NEVER fit me comfortably, as I apparently have a size 16 waist and size 12 hips and butt.

          1. That is so funny Bette. Believe it or not, I think it was in the spring time and I was looking at shorts online at J Crew. I happened to see that they had maternity shorts. I laughed to my daughter and mentioned that this may solve all my problems, haha! I never did try them as I didn’t want to order something like that online and have it just not work out. I would probably choose way too big a size just like you found out. Plus there was some other reason it wouldn’t work for me, probably because I’d have to wear a tunic top and short me has trouble with those. Tunics are like mini dresses. But maybe I’ll try on a pair one day if I’m in a dept. store with a maternity section. Hmmm, lol.

    2. Karen (and Julia), this is my pet peeve, too! Why do manufacturers create a tight, unforgiving waistband on a pair of knit pants or a skirt? It’s the same exterior fabric, but with a non-stretch facing. That makes NO SENSE to me! Glad to know I’m not alone on this.

      1. You are so not alone Bette! I can’t fathom why they do that either. Certainly some give at the waist has to help even the tiny waisted girls out. I mean just eating lunch is so much more comfortable when the waistband stretches a bit!

  3. I really like this outfit! The sweater looks great with the pants. And the store where you bought it sounds wonderful – I love stores that have a little bit of everything where you can find pieces not everyone owns…

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