Spring Items That Have Caught My Eye!

Hey everyone! I beat the snowstorm in Michigan (over 15 inches!) and made it safely to North Carolina. Luckily I decided to drive down a day earlier because my flight on Friday was cancelled! However, I’m not prepared for an outfit post today so I thought I’d show you some of the things I’ve been looking at online for spring.

If you’re an apple shape like me, you know it all depends on trying on the specific item. These items come from brands I’ve tried before and so the chances for them to fit and look well are higher than average. They also are a cut I’ve tried before and have found flattering. Plus, I don’t want you to be limited by what I can go out and find and try on. I want you to be able to analyze items for your own beautiful, individual self!

First off, this jacket is on it’s way to me and should arrive today. I tried it on in another color in the store and really liked it. I’m still planning on photographing it and showing it to you all whether it works or not.

 Second are some dresses from JCPenney. They’re from the Alyx brand and I had a lot of success with their sheath style dresses last spring (see here and here). They have some new fresh prints to try this year. Like this one.

And this one.

And this nice-sized print.

This maxi dress is from Macy’s by the brand Style & Co. I love the super flattering neckline and it’s made with my favorite fabric blend of rayon and spandex so it should skim without clinging. I’m going to look for this in person next time I’m at Macy’s.

White House Black Market has recently started a plus size line. I’ve been able to fit into their straight size 16 jackets before, if it’s made with a material that has some stretch. I haven’t tried their plus sizes yet but I will be looking into them this spring and trying some on.

This jacket caught my eye and it has some spandex mixed with the cotton so it should have some stretch.

And here it is in plus size. It’s interesting that they have free shipping and returns on plus size items but not on the straight sizes. Hmmmmm.

And lastly some jeans. These are from White House Black Market and I wear either the 12 or 14 in their pants. I find most of their waistbands have some nice stretch and these pockets look really deep (which I love) and the color is so light for spring and summer and will look dramatic in the winter with black too.

I hope this helps as you go out and about looking for some fresh additions to your wardrobe. You may be seeing some of these items on this blog in action! On Wednesday I will be re-posting my tips for successful shopping for apple shapes so you are armed with knowledge! Go out and win this fashion game!

This post contains affiliate links which give this blogger a small commission. I receive a few cents for each click and a few dimes for each purchase from that link. I put that money back into hosting this site. So, thank you for clicking and purchasing!

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  1. Julia I really liked the sheath dress with the dark top fading to pink . It is perfect dark to light thanks for shopping here’s hoping your new jacket is perfect

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