Same Style. Different Color!

Hey everyone! As you remember from this post, I have found the “blouson” style or “peasant” style tops (with the elastic hem) to be a good solution for a top when you don’t want to wear a “third piece” over it.

Blue top that will be great for spring and summer -

Now, I will say, I know many other tops look better on me. But, for those times when it’s warm out or I don’t want to wear a sweater or jacket over the top, this shirt works. It doesn’t cling and show every bump and dent of my midsection. It let’s my tummy hangout undercover and disguises any waistband issues.

Blue top that will be great for spring and summer -

The lace fabric of this specific top, gives some texture to the top to cover up any stitching or hardware if you have an industrial strength bra like I do.

Blue top that will be great for spring and summer -

It’s available here and here in an exuberant print, here in red or sleeveless here. If you like the cold-shoulder trend (I can’t get over the name – brrrrr), they have it here in white. Really, I think lots of stores will have this style if you are looking for different colors and prints. One of my favorite brands, Alfani from Macy’s, has a few options here and here that I may check out in person soon!

Blue top that will be great for spring and summer -

Just a quick FYI, I added a video page to this blog and I’ll post my newest videos there and on my YouTube Channel. So far, I’m just covering topics we’ve already covered here and now just taking it to video form. Have a nice week everyone!

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  1. I love these kinds of blouses, Julia!! I have quite a few of them myself.
    My mom (the 70’s model on my blog) even tranformed a regular shirt (which was too long) into one of these by just adding elastic at the bottom for my step mom (the 60’s model on my blog)!
    Love the mural too!! Isn’t it fun to discover new places to take photos?

  2. That’s another blouse I never would have tried, but now that you model it, I can see its virtues. I always thought that an elastic bottom would just emphasize the width of my hips. This is so helpful!

  3. Julia, I tried on the green blouse in your link at Macy’s. It was really beautiful but a bit short for my taste. They didn’t have the 1x in the store but I was thinking about ordering it. I tried on the 1x of another similar top and it was tighter in the chest. Go figure!

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