Testing out a Reader’s Advice

Hey everyone! If you’re new to the blog or you don’t read the comments, I’ll fill you in on today’s outfit inspiration. In this post here one of my readers, Bettye, commented that a cool way to get through summer without adding layers was to wear a printed top. She claimed that a printed top wouldn’t look as unfinished as a solid top if you didn’t wear a scarf or “third piece” (vest, jacket, sweater, etc…). The print would balance out the fact that you’re actually only wearing two pieces of clothing. I hadn’t heard that advice before and, in the spirit of making this blog work for anyone with a similar shape, I decided to give it a try.

Tunic for apple shape

Bettye’s right! I feel this is a complete outfit and don’t miss another layer over the top. Usually, when I wore this tunic, I would wear the sweater vest shown here or a jacket of some sort.  This summer outfit didn’t seem to need anything. The pattern disguises some curves I’d rather not highlight and the fabric skims my body.

Tunic for apple shape

The detail on the neckline, I think, helps elevate this top so it can stand on its own. It has some sparkly rivets and the neckline has a dramatic shape so it looks like it’s made to be the star of the outfit, rather than a supporting actor.

Tunic for apple shape

Tunic is old from White House Black Market but they always make this style in different patterns, so current style is (sold out when I went to post) here, but look for new patterns in the future when the weather starts to cool down again.

Tunic for apple shape

Pants from JJill here and on sale!

Tunic for apple shape

So, thanks to my wonderful readers and commenters. I’m totally into sharing knowledge to help us find clothing and outfits to look fabulous and confident. Feel free to comment with advice and I’ll test out what I can. We’ll spread this knowledge!

These photos were taken at the Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University. The building was designed by Zaha Hadid and is an art sculpture in itself.

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I do not have any affiliation with any of the brands or stores nor do I receive any compensation. I’m just sharing what I’ve learned.


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      1. When I checked out the tunic at WHBM it didn’t look like something that would be flattering but now that I see it on you….. Which is why I’m loving a blog by a women who is shaped like me. Thank you.

        1. My pleasure Suzy! Even though I never thought I would allow myself to be photographed and have my outfits analyzed, I knew there was need for someone my age and shape to be seen. Thanks for reading and commenting. Feel free to tell others about the blog too!

      1. Thanks! I’ll keep my eye out for the brand. I have a few pairs of shoes that I have truly had forever! If I got them Before Children, they should be gone by now. But if the shoe fits and isn’t broken, why give them up!

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