A Tunic With the Perfect Cut for Apple Shapes!

Hey everyone! So, you all know I usually like to wear two tops. Usually one base layer and then a sweater or vest or something as the “third piece” over the top. I do this to look more polished, but also to do some covering of whatever lump or bump I decide that day to cover. Occasionally, I will find a top that has just the right cut so I don’t feel the need to wear the “third piece”. This top has the perfect cut.

A tunic with the perfect cut for apple shapes - www.whenthegirlsrule.com

If you’re a long-time reader, you’ve seen a similar top here. The reason this cut works for me is the fabric below the horizontal, midsection seam hangs perfectly. It skims my torso without clinging or billowing. The fabric is a bit heavier, as you can tell by the cowl neck, which stands up on it’s own. It also doesn’t assume I have a small bust and have the seam too high like so many shirts that have a similar cut.

A tunic with the perfect cut for apple shapes - www.whenthegirlsrule.com

This fabric has stretch and texture that I like because it helps to camouflage any indent from waistbands, bra straps or whatever. And, of course pockets! Yes, they pull down and stretch when I put my hands in them so I don’t do as often as I would wish!

A tunic with the perfect cut for apple shapes - www.whenthegirlsrule.com

You’ve seen these pants here before. I’ve shown the shoes before but didn’t talk about them. They are green suede and have a slight heel and slightly pointy toe. They are really comfortable. You can find them here. If you are looking to add some subtle color into an outfit a dark color like this green will add some definite sass!

A tunic with the perfect cut for apple shapes - www.whenthegirlsrule.com

Couple of Happenings!

I have started using affiliate links for items I mention in the posts. I have been linking the whole time to items, just not getting any credit for doing it! Now, I get either a few cents for anyone clicking on the item or a small commission (usually $1-2) if you buy something that I linked to. I promise all of you I will never link to something that I don’t own, have tried on, or think is a good item for an apple shape. I will always be 100% honest about my opinion and if I don’t like something it will not be on this blog.

I’ve also started as a contributing writer over at 40plusstyle.com. I will be writing the occasional article from the apple-shaped woman’s perspective and already wrote one here. I’m excited by this opportunity because it will make us apple shapes more visible. As you all know, apple-shaped women are never (ok, not never, but rarely) photographed for fashion, so if we’re not seen, we’re not thought of or designed for and I’m happy to be making us more visible. We’re a force to be reckoned with but they’ve got to hear us and see us.

If you’re in the U.S. then have a happy Thanksgiving and I hope you’re spending time with people you love and eating delicious food. If you’re not in the U.S. I hope you’re doing the same!

This post contains affiliate links for products I own or would like to own!

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  1. I really appreciate your honest talk about lumps, bra straps, and how things drape on the girls! As a large chested apple shape myself, I struggle with these same issues. Keep up the good work Julia!

    1. Hi JoAnn! I link to an item whenever I can, though sometimes I’m wearing something old. You should be able to click the link in the text of the article. I’m trying to get better with linking since you’re not the only one who would like more shopping info. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I was so excited and pleased to see your post on 40+Style last week — that’s one of my favorite blogs, in large part b/c of Sylvia’s gracious and welcoming approach to fashion. No one is excluded — everyone is welcome. And you are the perfect addition to the team she has lined up.

  3. Well done Julia on your new position with Sylvia 40+Style, and also for the income from you links too. You clearly have your business head on. I really liked this top when I saw it on Instagram I thought how perfect it was for your shape. The green shoes are lovely – I’d wear them like a shot!
    Have a fab weekend x

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