Two Trends In One!

Hey everyone! So, have you seen the current bomber jacket trend? I remember from my youth, seeing them in the show Happy Days and Pinky Tuscaterro wearing her shiny pink one or in real life seeing people wear them roller skating. Remember that? Anyway, it’s those jackets that have a ribbed, elasticy band at the bottom and are usually made of a light fabric. This time around the fabric has been bold floral prints, rather than shiny, but still has been a light fabric. I have tried on a couple and found that they made me look like a pumpkin on my top half with no distinction between my collar bone and hips because the light fabric kind of billows out.

A Nice Jacket for Apple-Shaped Women! |

And do you remember the trucker trend back in, what? The 70’s? When everyone was wearing the trucker ball caps and talking on CB radios and doing the trucker talk. “Breaker, breaker, 419” “We got ourselves a convoy” and all that stuff? Or was it just my annoying brother?

A Nice Jacket for Apple-Shaped Women! |

Well, this jacket is a blend of both of those trends! Yes, disco and truck drivers! It’s got the bomber jacket elastic bottom and the sporty stripes, but instead of shiny disco fabric it’s denim and cut like a trucker’s jean jacket. This heavier fabric keeps it from billowing and hangs nicely but it still has stretch so I can easily button this up, even though I forgot to photograph that. It’s also half off here or full price here (you decide!). I’m wearing an XL.

A Nice Jacket for Apple-Shaped Women! |

So, since one strategy I use to look youthful, but not young, is to only wear one trend at a time. I feel if you’re wearing all trends or a couple (like if I had paired this with my distressed, embroidered jeans) in one outfit, it looks like you’re trying to dress like a teenager, because, well, you are dressing like a teenager. I like the look of mixing classic items (like these khaki pants) with one trendier item.

A Nice Jacket for Apple-Shaped Women! |

Even though I’m wearing open-toed shoes, I’ve moved more towards a fall look by changing my toenail color to dark blue. Changing your nail color to a deeper fall color is an easy way to transition your look, especially if it’s still too warm where you’re living to start wearing your fall clothes.

Sorry this is a late and short post because below is how I felt this morning when I was photographing myself and having a myriad of technical difficulties. Argh! Another downside of having my photographer/spouse several states away!

A Nice Jacket for Apple-Shaped Women! |

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  1. I totally get the poofy no definition that bomber jackets give off…not a good look for me either. I can hardly do a Moto jacket-ugh! You look great!!

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