Velvet For Wearing Now!

Hey everyone! Have you seen the proliferation of velvet around this fall? It’s definitely having it’s moment this fall and winter. This is one of those trends that can refresh your wardrobe and look nice for any holiday activities you may have. Don’t spend too much though because it’s a trend and will look too heavy once spring and summer come along. And then who knows about next fall?

Top for an apple shape! |

This top is in a pretty fall color and can easily be worn during the holidays. The velvet makes it look a little more luxurious and dressed-up though this would look cute with jeans too. It’s available in black and a light gray.  I didn’t wear any necklace with this because I thought the cut-out would be competing with a necklace.

Top for an apple shape! |

I’ve paired it with my black pants (that are called jeggings but don’t fit like leggings at all). These pants are comfortable and easy to wear and black pants are a classic item that every wardrobe could use. Once you find a well fitting pair you will be wearing it for years.

Top for an apple shape! |

You’ve seen the black booties many times (similar here and here) that show no signs of going out of style. And finishing this off with the scene-stealing purse that still brings a smile to my face every time I see it in the pictures.

Top for an apple shape! |

This is a short post about clothing because my mind is on my homefront. We have finally found a house down in North Carolina that we are making an offer on (fingers crossed!) after my husband and our poor realtor visited dozens of homes while having me on video chat to see the house. Also, last night I got a message from our realtor for our Michigan home saying that someone is interested in buying our house for cash (!) but needs to move in right away! That of course kept me up most of the night trying to figure out how we could make that happen if indeed they really are interested in purchasing our home. I kept reminding myself of the saying that “worry is a down payment on an event that may not even come to pass”. Of course, the middle of the night is not the best time for rational thinking! I bet I’ll sleep well tonight! I hope you all have a well-rested weekend too!

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  1. I like a lot of things about this outfit. The color of the top is gorgeous and the velvet doesn’t seem to add weight (which velvet often does). The purse is fantastic. However, the line of the flutter sleeve hits at the largest part of the arm, which is not flattering and, also, the bustline seems to be pulling, leaving a horizontal line, which draws attention to the “girls”. I would have to say, regretfully, this is not your best look.

    I wish you a lot of luck on your move. Buying and selling houses is so stressful!

    Thanks, as always, for putting yourself out there and letting us chime in. We are all in this together to look our best!

    1. Thanks Cheryl for your input! Yes, the top does pull a bit but I only noticed it in the pictures. I think if I could have pulled it down it would have fit better but it would have worked its way up again probably. Perhaps it would work for a reader who has a slightly smaller bust. Thanks for sending the good luck on our houses!

  2. Velvet and I, Julia, we’re besties 😛 but usually in the form of shoes so I can easily transcend seasons. Which, incidentally, don’t quite exist in Houston so our only solace often lies in the shoes (that’s my official story whenever the man’s eyebrows tilt upward at the sight of yet another new pair) hahaha

    p/s that sunshiny bag put a smile on my face too xo

  3. Velvet and I just can’t seem to get along. At least in pictures. Being overly well endowed, velvet just seems to draw attention to that fact as light reflects off them like two beacons, lol. So I’m going to have to pass on most of the items in this trend, though I have seen some cute velvet sneakers. That’s one area where I should have no problem.

  4. Julia,I am so happy things are starting to move toward you being in North Carolina soon. I hope it happens . Nice outfit, the color of the velvet is really festive. Have a blessed week

  5. When I see velvet clothing I think of the holidays, so they’re’ not a bad thing to have, even if you only wear them for a month out of the year (once this season is past).

    Good luck with the house! I’ll cross my toes for you.

      1. I dreamed that moniker up almost 20 years ago, and it’s from the old saying “I’ll be there with bells on.” Bells on toes works!

  6. I’m so happy for you to have movement in your whole sell/buy situation! You’ll keep us posted?

    I do love velvet…but don’t think I’ve owned anything velvet since a bridesmaid’s dress in my early 20s! And it was a beautiful dress, not bridesmaidy at all. Will have to look for something this season – thanks for the inspiration!


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