How To Wear Your Spring Dress Before Spring Weather Arrives!

Hey everyone! If you’re a regular reader, you know that I live in Michigan. We often have a 6 month winter, so just because it’s March doesn’t mean it’s spring here. But, I really want to wear the cute spring dresses I bought!

Wearing Spring Clothes Before Spring Weather! -

Fortunately, I have several tricks to make a spring dress work for this time of year! This adorable dress works well with my ribbed turtleneck underneath because it has some stretch. This is such a cute look for me and even though I’m not as covered up as usual, the dress hangs well without clinging that I feel comfortable with this option.

Wearing Spring Clothes Before Spring Weather! -

I really like the material of this dress too. The size of the pattern is spot-on and camouflages waistbands and seams. The material doesn’t wrinkle at all (believe me, it was in a pile yesterday right before we did these photos and I did not have to iron it!). A bonus in my book!

Wearing Spring Clothes Before Spring Weather! -

This next option is pretty basic with my favorite long sweater you’ve seen before here. This pattern and color goes so easily with all of my black items, so I had many candidates of sweaters or jackets for this option.

Wearing Spring Clothes Before Spring Weather! -

Here I’ve topped it with my favorite topย (more size options available here in petite) from this winter that you’ve seen before here. The dress is a sheath style (I hate that name. If you own horses you know why!) with a straight skirt, so it works well under a peplum style top like this.

Wearing Spring Clothes Before Spring Weather! -

Plus, wearing a dress as a skirt would also be a great option if you’re doing a capsule wardrobe (like we discussed in the last post) to get more outfits out of a few items.

Wearing Spring Clothes Before Spring Weather! -

So, I hope this helps you wear those spring dresses without waiting on Mother Nature! Have a great week!

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  1. What a great dress Julia. The shape really hugs your figure without clinging and the colours are so good for your hair and complexion. The peplum top works well over the dress doesn’t it – such a clever idea to create that illusion of a skirt.

    You’re photos are quite infectious Julia, really full of the feel-good factor.

    Anna x

  2. I love the versatility of this outfit. And I really like the accessories and colors that you chose to mix and match. I have a similar body type and it’s nice to see a beautiful woman flaunting what God gave her. Very attractive and nice photos. It’s nice to see someone who’s got a realistic body type that I can relate to. It’s hard to find fashion choices when the girls are size 0. Anyway, I’m a newbie blogger and would greatly appreciate it if you would follow me. But either way thank you for your inspirational writings. -bel ๐Ÿ™‚

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