Wearing Pink Without Looking Too Cute!

Hey everyone! So pink is a great color to use to start lightening up your outfits for spring. Actually, I love pink year round. It goes well with my coloring and plays well with black and gray, two of my wardrobe staples. And now I’ve found the absolutely most prettiest pink scarf to wear to lighten up those outfits!

Spring outfit for plus-size and over 40 women! | whenthegirlsrule.com

It’s actually considered a wrap, but as you can see, works just as well as a scarf. It’s really soft and has these little gemstones near the edges. Just a little twinkle of light! You can see them a little bit better on this close up. It’s also on sale right now!

Spring outfit for plus-size and over 40 women! | whenthegirlsrule.com

I usually like a scarf to be a print since that’s an easy way to add some interest to an outfit, but this scarf/wrap caught my eye in the store and I was drawn to it. I was considering this pretty one but forced myself to choose. My Sophie’s choice! Actually, not really. Her choice was completely different! Anyway, this scarf/wrap is available in some other beautiful colors like ivory, silver and taupe. Mine is considered rose gold. How pretty is that?

Spring outfit for plus-size and over 40 women! | whenthegirlsrule.com

This black jacket helps balance out the sweetness of pink. I love this cut of the jacket and the little details on the pockets. The collar lays flat and gives a perfect space for a scarf or a statement necklace (I’ll try that next). It’s a nice lightweight jacket and I love the length of it. It’s also available in a pretty light blue and is 20% off right now! In petite, they have it available in white and navy blue and in plus size they have it in navy blue.

Spring outfit for plus-size and over 40 women! | whenthegirlsrule.com

The jeans you’ve seen before and I still highly recommend them. If you follow me on Instagram you see I wear them a lot. I like the ankle length with the cute buttons and the waist fits well and is held up perfectly by the belt I wear every day now and first introduced you to here. The jeans are still on sale and have a few sizes left, even in a pretty cream color too.

Spring outfit for plus-size and over 40 women! | whenthegirlsrule.com

Just finishing off this outfit with this pretty purse (also 20% off) and my black booties you’ve seen so many times before.

These photos are taken in our backyard in North Carolina. We have that pretty weeping cherry tree that is in full bloom right now covered in honey bees and wild pollinators. I am down here for a few more weeks before I head back up to Michigan. My daughters in Michigan send me pictures and we video chat and they are buried under several inches of snow right now! It’s funny now that I’m bopping between two climates how my outfits have changed. If I was in Michigan right now I’d be showing you my heavy winter coat and tall boots!

Ok, that’s it for today. Have a great rest of the week everyone!

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Spring outfit for apple shaped women over 40!

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    1. Erg! I know. I’m sorry! That’s what comes with wearing/buying clothes like a real person instead of an of-the-moment blogger. Once I find something that works I wear the heck out of it! I do try to find them when they first come out so everyone can get a chance at them but I’m not always successful. I’ll keep trying though! Thanks for your input Kari!

  1. When I was in my 20s I went through a pink period and then sort of grew out of “girliness.” But with all the pinks and blushes around right now, I’m wanting a little of it for my very own 🙂 and LOVE the soft shade of your scarf and pants. I did get a pair of pink sneakers but they’re not being as good for me feet as I’d hoped. It’s so hard to know in just a few minute try-on how your feet are going to get on with a pair of shoes when you’re doing a lot of walking 🙁

    But yeah, pink 🙂


    1. I agree about trying on shoes. I now order them online and wear them in my house for a day (or at least a couple of hours) to see how they feel. It’s very hit or miss getting them online but I appreciate the time I get to actually give them a test run.
      I look forward to seeing you in pink on your blog!

  2. i loved that pink jacket from Chico’s you wore in another post. So much I ordered one. I loved the drape the weight but the colour wasn’t good for me so back it went. I decided to stick with pink for pants or accessories. Love this look -pink is perfect on you!

    1. Yeah, it is a pretty cut but I can see how the color doesn’t work on everyone. I used to not like pink thinking it was so girly but now that I’ve had my colors done I know it really is a flattering color for me. Well, you win some. You lose some!

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