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Hey everyone! Happy Monday! I hope you had a nice weekend. My girlfriend and I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit and really enjoyed ourselves. Detroit has a thriving Mexicantown where we had a delicious dinner afterwards at El Barzon (this is for all the locals reading this blog!). The Mexicantown part of Detroit was one of the few areas of the city that stayed alive with businesses and community during the several decades when Detroit was down on its luck. Now, Detroit is getting back on it’s feet and has a lot of interesting places to visit and eat, but El Barzon is still one of my absolute favorites! The flan!

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Anyway, this is the outfit I wore. Everything you have seen before. Actually the newest item is this shirt with this great print. It’s a perfect “skim not cling” fabric and the pattern gives nice camouflage. It’s also sleeveless, so easy to wear under a sweater or jacket and still keep your cool!

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I can wear these booties all day. I love the bit of gold at the heel. You’ve seen them a ton here because I love wearing them! The clutch was perfect for this outing. Unfortunately it is sold-out but there are similar ones here and here though you can keep checking back because sometimes they re-stock. I know, I need to add to my clutch collection. I actually have one ordered that would have looked great with this outfit so we’ll see how it looks in person when I receive it!

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And the jeans you’ve seen many times. These are from White House Black Market. They have a lot of stretch but I do end up pulling them up more than I want to or I have to wear a belt. I think because they’re tight in the leg they get pulled down more and they’re short in the midsection area so they end up sitting below my stomach which often means they will slip down. White House Black Market just got plus-sizes (about time!) so I’m going to go check them out and see if their jeans have had any changes. I love these jeans and how they look, but I really don’t want to be bothered by pulling them up all the time or having to wear a bulky belt. If you’re wearing bootcut or flare jeans, wearing a heel and having the hem hit almost the ground is the style now so keep that in mind when deciding what shoes to wear.

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You may recall this post where I talked about wearing your unusual items or “statement pieces”. Since these are our more funky or edgy or “out-there” items we probably don’t wear them to work. Visiting a museum or an art event or even a girl’s night out is the perfect occasion to bring these out. I find I’m always wearing this jacket to museums because I like the length and think the sewing is interesting and flattering, but, I would probably not wear this to the grocery store!

Alright, enough about my weekend! I hope you have a great week and I’ll see you here on Wednesday!

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  1. My favourite piece here has to be that gorgeous jacket. I love not only the ginger colour, but the unusual style. As you say, it’s not one for everyday wear, but is perfect for outings like this one.
    I’ve been away on holiday for a while and finally playing catch up with all my blogging friends. Has your hubby gone back to work again now?
    Have a lovely week!
    Anna x

  2. a) I love this whole combination. b) ooh, that mock neck floral top is darling! and $12?? sheesh! I checked JCPenneys plus section and they have that style but in different prints, meh…PLUS (no pun intended) the plus size exact same top was $2 more. That burns me up. By that logic, the petite sizes should be LESS…and they’re not. Look, you’ve got me all riled up!

    Gonna go grab a drink and try and settle down.


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