White After Labor Day!

Hey everyone! If you are around my age, or older, you know that for a long time there was a rule of “no white after Labor Day” or you could say “no white before Memorial Day”. Usually, it meant shoes but it was for all items of clothing. As with so many things now, those rules are gone and I am glad for it! I think of the conformist 1950’s and feel for those women who had to abide by so many rules in dressing and behavior and most were unspoken rules.Wearing white after Labor Day!

Well, no more!

Now we can wear whatever color we want whenever we want. I have found in my observations since starting this “style journey” two years ago it really depends on the fabric rather than the color. I have seen white pants in fall that were of thin cotton, you know the kind, where you can see the outline of the pockets and thought that outfit doesn’t work. It’s easy to think it’s the color since that’s what you notice first but really it’s the fabric. So, white wool pants would look very nice in the winter but weird in the summer. And even if you think you don’t really notice the fabric you do pick up on subtle cues like how it drapes and the texture.

Wearing white after Labor Day!

One way I’ve transitioned these pants, that you’ve seen before here and here, was changing some of the other pieces of the outfit so it doesn’t look so summery. So, instead of sandals I’ve added these super cute gray boots that are some of the most padded boots and most comfy boots I’ve ever owned. I refuse to wear something that hurts my feet!

Wearing white after Labor Day!

I’ve added my wrap sweater that you’ve seen before here and a fall-colored shirt that is all the rage of color this fall, which I think is the key piece to making this outfit look appropriate for fall. Now, I know I won’t be wearing these pants into November because then they will become to thin and start looking out of place, but for now, I like how they are adding more variety to my fall wardrobe.

Wearing white after Labor Day!

So, hurrah for breaking rules and ditching dumb rules that made no sense. If it looks good and makes you feel good then go for it!

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  1. Fantastic! You look great in this outfit, and I don’t think anyone, not even someone “our age,” would look at you and say, “Uh-oh, she’s wearing white after Labor Day.” 😉

    PS. I love those gray boots!

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