Winning No-Spend January & An Invitation!

Hey everyone! I made it through my no-spend January! However, I still haven’t gone shopping yet so you will be seeing the same clothing items you’ve seen before, just in different combinations. It’s actually been kinda (not 100%) fun to put together new outfits for you guys! Plus, I’m not sure when I’ll be showing new items because I don’t really feel like looking at winter clothes and the spring clothes aren’t in yet. Perhaps when I get down south next week I’ll find some cute spring items for us. I can always try at least!

Over 40 Fashion for plus-size women |

Blah, blah, blah, you’ve seen it all before. My danger pants (no idea what I’m talking about? see here) I wore when it was warm weather because the fabric is pretty thin. I actually tried wearing my tan over the knee (OTK) boots with these pants to keep warm but the top of the boot kept showing through the fabric whenever I bent my knee. My burgundy OTK boots would have worked just fine though since they are much more fitted to my thigh. I decided to wear my black booties and wear tights under the pants for warmth but I really should have worn black tall boots because the top of the booties kept competing with the hem of the pants. Those burgundy boots are now 25% off if you’ve been holding off for a sale!

Over 40 Fashion for plus-size women |

Since the pants are kind of flowy I needed a straighter top. Since I don’t like form-fitting tops (which wouldn’t be straight in that case either!) I have to find something that has structure that’s kind of boxy. I had tried my very flowy sweater with these pants but there was just too much rippling fabrics and ruffles and everything started to look more like pajamas. This jacket has some structure so it looks a little more straight-fitting. It’s 25% off right now and available in plus size.

Over 40 Fashion for plus-size women |

I’ve been really working to beat the winter blues this year by going out and doing more fun things and lighting candles (trying the hygge ideas) and wearing bright colors. This top is such an electric bright blue that it brightens up even the darkest days! It’s also one of my favorite colors and works really well with my coloring. It’s thinner material, more of a summer or fall top, but I wear a camisole under for an extra layer of warmth (and to smooth out some lumps and dents and seams from my bra). It’s also seriously on sale now!

Over 40 Fashion for plus-size women |

I pulled out the best laptop and travel bag ever with it’s bright color to give a nod towards spring and it’s greenery. Where am I taking these photos you ask? This is the road right in front of our house. We live on a dirt road pretty much in the middle of nowhere so we’re one of the last areas to get plowed out. Even after the road is plowed it’s still snowy and icy but it looks really pretty and not like a muddy road at all. I’ve wanted to photograph here for awhile, I just had to wait for the right conditions!

Over 40 Fashion for plus-size women |


It’s that time of year again! The blog birthday party on March 23rd! If you remember from last year (the first birthday party) I asked all of you to join me and show me your beautiful selves. All year long you see me and I really am dying of curiosity to see you all!

So, if you’ve learned something from this blog or purchased one of my recommendations or just found the courage to try the cute stuff out there that you thought you couldn’t wear, take a picture of yourself and show me your beautiful self!

It’s easy! Just ask a helpful person to take your picture when you’re feeling particularly cute. Or stand in front of a full length mirror and take a picture of yourself with your phone. If you’re feeling shy you can put the phone in front of your face while photographing or only take the pictures of your shoulders and down or you can crop your head off (that sounds terrible as I re-read that!) and we’ll only be saying first names so it’s easy to be under the radar here.

You can send the picture to my email julia at by March 18th and if you want to tell us anything about your outfit or your style or even just where you live we’d love to get to know you!

We’ll do another give-away too and I’ll be periodically reminding you all so start thinking about what you’re going to wear to the party! I love interacting with all of you lovely ladies and this is a way I can put a face to a name! Fun!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Woohoo to the end of NoSpendJanuary!!! Ha. I SPENT but haven’t yet RECEIVED so I sorta feel like I didn’t buy anything in January (WHERE ARE ALL MY THINGS??).

    I’m cold just thinking of the wind whipping up those wide pants legs (not in a creepy way, ha ha). Don’t you go back to NC soon? And have a vacay soon?

    I wanna go to the birthday party!


  2. First I have to bow to you that you kept your no spending for the month. I kinda tried it but fell off the wagon the last couple of days. Maybe it’s like chocolate for me. I do better if I have a little when I want it, instead of depriving myself???
    And I’m loving your color combination here. It’s so modern and fabulous Julia!!

    1. Ha ha! I totally agree about chocolate but spending seemed easier b/c I just didn’t go to my favorite online sites and avoided (mostly) gong into retail stores. You often show handmade or thrifted items on your blog so I think you are allowed to do some spending when you want!

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