Winterizing The Basics…Here We Go!

Hey everyone! If you’re a regular reader, you will probably recognize everything here except for the skirt and scarf. The skirt I don’t wear that often. For some reason it seems like it’s a bit formal, but when I pull it out and wear it, it is a lot more fun than I remembered. It’s the stripes, I’m sure.

Fun Striped Skirt for Apple Shapes -

It’s made of ponte fabric, so it has some stretch, and though it has a zipper I can just pull it on without undoing the zipper. You apple-shapes know what I’m talking about. If I can pull it on without unzipping or unbuttoning or unfastening then that’s a good sign it’s going to fit. I wish I could direct you to it but since it’s a couple of years old it is no longer available. However, a super cute skirt by the same brand (White House Black Market) and with the same material is available here.

Fun Striped Skirt for Apple Shapes -

The jacket you’ve seen before here and I like it because it has the faux suede front but the cotton knit on the sides and under the arms so you get some stretch for your bust and midsection. It’s a couple of years old but I see this style a lot and there are several newer options here and here.

Fun Striped Skirt for Apple Shapes -

This scarf is from a trip I took to Venice, Italy 17 years ago. It is 100% silk velvet which is really rare. The color of it is amazingly rich and it feels like cold water running through your fingers. That is not an exaggeration — it really is that soft. I found it in a little shop, down a winding alleyway in Venice. The colors just jumped out at me in the shop’s window. I was torn between getting the blue one or this one and I wish I had bought both because I wear it all winter long. My only complaint is the silk is very slippery and slides off my neck which requires me to tie the fringe together to keep it in place.

Fun Striped Skirt for Apple Shapes -

I’m also winterizing this outfit by adding thick tights. These pumps, you’ve seen before here, update the traditional black pump with the little cut out in the heel, the tie in the back and the pointy toe. They make a quiet statement of style instead of a loud statement. They’re also comfortable too because the heel is short. I just cannot wear shoes that hurt anymore, so comfort always comes first.

We’re in for a really cold week here in Michigan, so you’ll be seeing a lot of “winterized” outfits in the near future. Plus, I may have to start photographing indoors so we’ll have to find some interesting places to photograph. I love a challenge!

This post contains affiliate links to items I love and own or love and wish I owned!

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  1. Julia—it’s a lovely outfit!!
    That skirt is so fabulous—I hope we get to see it loads more!!
    I was having issues with my scarf lately…mom & I ended up using a brooch to keep it in place, although she did say that some women don’t like using a pin! But she said that in silk, the hole will steam out!

  2. I absolutely love the scarf — the story behind it, the color and fabric, and how it goes so well with both your outfit and the gorgeous Japanese maple behind you!

  3. Looks great!

    Do you occasionally feature others over 40? I’ll bet over 60+ would reveal useful stuff especially if one is on a limited budget and no longer working (to dress for success).

    I’ll be 58. I bike to work… so you can imagine my business dresswear has become simplified over the years. Same for travel overseas…uber simple…especially when we’re biking with our clothing and stuff. I’ve been a long time cyclist to work, shopping and for fitness.

    1. Hi Jean! Thanks! I haven’t featured others yet but I think you’re right there definitely would be benefit learning from women over 60. Check out my daily inspirations because there are some fabulous older women bloggers there if you’re looking for others. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Stunning outfit! Love the stripes on skirt w/coordinating burgundy top. The scarf story is so precious; don’t you just hate when you didn’t purchase an item (blue scarf) then look back & wish you had arrrgh!

  5. Looking bloody good in this. I know the problem with the scarf. As soon as they are silk, you cannot get them to stay where you want them to. One way I have learned is to put the middle of the scarf against your throat, cross the ends at the back of your neck and bring them forward again. The twist the ends at the front and tie them at the back. The long ends will then hang on your back (finally something interesting going on there as well I always say haha). Disadvantage… it is tight around your neck. Not that it feels horrible, not at all, but it is not the loose look you are after.

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