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Hey everyone! So, a couple of posts ago, I wrote about how I had experimented with a belt to work an old dress in a new way and now I’m taking that knowledge and using it on another dress. Only this time I’ve also added a long jacket that I haven’t worn before because I couldn’t find anything it worked with (I know. Another bad shopping choice — do as I say, not as I do!). Anyway, once I realized the belt worked on one errant dress perhaps it would work on another? I pulled out another old dress that was just sitting there unworn ( I know, I know) and gave it a try.


It’s really just a plain black sheath dress that should go with lots of items but because it billowed out below my bust, it looked like a tent. With the belt reining things in, I love it and now the dress has new possibilities!


When I knew the dress would work, I started looking around for what to wear with it and came across this long jacket. They were a perfect combination! The jacket could be the flashy star and the dress could be the solid back-up singer!


Two things I love about this jacket: it nips in at the waist to give me some shape without looking like a shower curtain and it has pockets. I love clothing that has pockets. If anyone out there is a clothing designer please add more pockets!


Supposedly, short people shouldn’t wear long sleeves because they’ll look shorter, though I’ll opt for looking short on any cold day. Luckily this jacket has shorter sleeves so I’m supposed to look taller. I don’t know. Do I look taller? I think I’m too close to the subject to be an objective observer!


Even though I’ve had these items for over a year they feel new to me. They were just waiting for that magic belt epiphany to be put to work. In my defense of buying clothes and then getting them home and not wearing them: I’m finding that with my shape an item will look good from the front but when I turn sideways it looks bad. I must be only looking straight on at my reflection in the dressing rooms at the store. I’ll try to remember to turn sideways from now on, though, how will I have these epiphanies then?!


I’m now on the hunt for other little additions or fixes that I can find to make more clothes work for us and our rare, elusive, beautiful shape! I’ll keep you updated when I figure some more of this out. In the meantime, remember to take time to stop and smell the roses!


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I do not have any affiliation with any of the brands or stores nor do I receive any compensation. I’m just sharing what I’ve learned.

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  1. You look stunning, I really love this outfit and how it looks on you. Now how to do something like this in hot weather?

  2. This outfit looks very chic and pulled together. The power of three!

    Ha ha, I hear ya on the “good from the front, but from the side….not so much.” I have the same issue. My “pregnancy belly” (and I am NOT pregnant) shows up mainly from the side…and it’s always a shock to see a side view photo of myself. So I’m trying to do more of those to hopefully extinguish the feeling of horror I experience.

  3. Looking great and I love your blog! I, too, am skinny of hip and leg and less skinny above…it’s a challenge.
    I learned about the magic of the belt from another blog, a few years back. It really does wonders. Unfortunately, I found I didn’t like the feel of a belt, so…
    On the long jacket thing: no matter what anyone says about making me look shorter (what’s wrong with shortish?), I LOVE long sweaters and jackets!! I was so thrilled when the duster came back. I got several, but pilling ensued, so I am now on the hunt for one that will hold up over time. Do they even make such things anymore?!
    Also YES YES YES to more pockets!!!! All women I know agree, but few designers provide them. In the real world, chics need pockets just as much as dudes do!
    Thanks and keep it up!

  4. I definitely would wear this — minus the belt, LOL! I absolutely love the jacket and think you look incredible in the outfit — you’ve hit on something that really works for you.

    My current go-to includes a black sheath dress and a printed silk tunic worn unbuttoned (functioning as a loose jacket). I have several variations on this theme — my coworkers have not yet commented on the fact that I wear the same thing every week. Perhaps, as every proponent of simple dressing says, no one notices or cares. Ha!

      1. They’re from Citron Santa Monica — I buy mine on eBay in either XL, 0X, or 1X. The larger department stores also carry them, as well as the Citron website — the sales can be a great deal.

        For Suzy, above, this is my hot weather option. It’s the coolest thing I’ve found that is still office appropriate.

  5. You look great! I love finding other bloggers of similar age going about rediscovering themselves, their style etc., after the kids are grown. I liked the post about liking, say, your wrists or feet. Good stuff. I think I have very expressive eyes. And, let’s not forget, ankles used to be very provocative! lol

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