Yeah, I’m Stalling…

Hey everyone! So, as you know from my last post, we’re actually having hot and humid summer weather here still and I’m way bored of showing you my summer outfits. So, I’m stalling a bit. I don’t want to do a photo-shoot wearing sweaters and tights (though they would be super cute!) while it’s 88 degrees and 88% humidity, so I’m getting creative.

Lookin' fine in cropped pants!

I went back through my phone pictures to come up with a post idea and stumbled across this outfit. These were actually taken last May and never used for the blog because, well, actually, I don’t know why. I love this outfit and really want to wear it soon. I think because these photos were taken with my phone I didn’t want to use them but the resolution is actually ok.

Lookin' fine in cropped pants!

These are the same, flattering wide-legged crop pants I was talking about earlier here. Wide-legged pants are coming back into style so be prepared to see a lot of them. I was surprised how well I liked them because they balance out my wider top half and I think they would work for anyone with a big bust or apple shape or both!

Lookin' fine in cropped pants!

Here’s a lighter photo so you can see the bright blue top better and the leopard print shoes I absolutely adore. I think because they pushed me way out of my comfort zone when I bought them, they make me feel edgy! Here’s the post about how I eased myself into wearing leopard print. You’ve seen this shirt before here. And of course you’ve seen this trusty jacket in many, many posts before.

Lookin' fine in cropped pants!

So, I’d love to be actually wearing this outfit now instead of the worn out khaki skirt you always see me in, so maybe between now and next Wednesday it will cool off and I can get some photos in real fall clothes. If not, I’ve got some other creative post ideas so I can keep stalling! Have a great weekend!

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